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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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another day of searching for a missing south bay teenager. why investigators now say they don't believe she left voluntarily. >> power house spring system has given way to showers now. is this the end of the rain or is there more on the way? >> a crunch crunch on the golden gate bridge but it does
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not involve cars. good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, march 28th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we will check traffic and weather if a moment. >> first in just about two hours the search for missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar will continue. alex savidge is in morgan hill where police tell us they believe she was kidnapped. alex. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriffs office is declaring this a kidnapping. they have ruled out the possibility that sierra lamar ran away. a couple hours from now people will be arriver here for another day of searching. this was the scene yesterday as roughly 600 people turned out to look for clues. sierra lamar was last seen on
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march 16th. searchers have located her cell phone in a field. her purse was also found with clothes folded neatly inside. this volunteer search effort is being organized by the class kids foundation. >> we are sending every team out with a gps device. many of which we are able to track in realtime and see exactly where they are and what they are doing. others we can overlay over google maps once we get back to see exactly where the search teams went. so there is no ambiguity. >> reporter: those searchers have been trained to spot any insignificant items and tag them. the volunteer searches will go on every day this week. people are expected to arrive here starting at 8:00 this morning. anyone from the community here in and around morgan hill is invited to come on down and join the search effort that
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begins at 8:00 this morning. we will be monitoring the events out here throughout the day. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. 6:02. we are back on storm watch for you this morning. the heavy rain, that has let up. it is mostly showers this morning. still a lot of problems out there. we have live team coverage for you this morning. we've got the best. christien kafton -- sal is watching the roads for you. let's go to steve first. you have a lot to talk about this morning. >> last nights system definitely left its mark. there is nothing compared to what we had yesterday. still an active pattern continues as this system continues to slide off toward the east. there is plenty roading in off the pacific. you can see right there parts of the north bay southern sonoma county. there is still lines of back toward the east bay and also this area that is starts to
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increase now. so we are not done yet. it will mainly be morning rain that will give way to mostly cloudy skies. the traffic will be a little bit slow in some parts because of the rain that has moved through that you mentioned. even though it's not raining as hard. traffic is moving well here. still early in the south bay. the stormy weather also caused fender benders overnight. in oakland a pickup truck rear ended another car. it happened shortly before 11:00 last night. the paramedic units took the driver of the car that was hit to the hospital with minor injuries. the storm has caused problems in the north bay. christien kafton is live in -- it looks like there is damage there. >> reporter: yeah there is damage in marin county. let's get to the showers.
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we are experiencing one of the showers. you can how high the water is. not a threat of flooding at this time. you can see how fast moving that water is. the water is moving along quickly. it's clearly churning up the bottom there. parts of the north bay are dealing with the aftermath. we are a couple miles away from fairfax. a large oak tree came crashing down. briefly trapping three people inside the home. firefighters had to help the residence get out of the house. when the tree came crashing down everyone around heard it. >> i heard a sound that was like a jet plane. i said what was that? maybe a jet plane going by then i thought it was an earthquake. looked around came out and ultonians were in the street
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and we saw -- and all the neighbors were in the street and we saw the tree down. >> reporter: all that is left is a big cleanup. that is something that is going on throughout the north bay. a couple ofmies ago we went up to sonoma county. highway 121 is very prone to flooding. that area was shut down for some time this morning. we met up with the cal tran crews and that worker told us that road is now opened. commuters in sonoma county have free access along highway 161. we will continue to follow up on the storm damage and cleanup from last weeks big storm. for now we are live here in san anselmo. overnight this big tree that crashed down in the
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oakland hills. you can see it being removed. this happened along shepard canyon road. the big tree fell down about 10:30 last night. luckily no one was hurt. the crews came in and came in with chain saws and a woodchipper and removed the tree. the roads were clear again by 1:00 this morning. make sure you stay right here with us for ktvu nor continuing -- for continuing storm coverage. and you can check on flight delays and check out the radar. go to and click on the storm watch tab. a student playing with a gun accidentally fired a shot inside a classroom at oakland high school. the tribune said this happened last friday. 15 students and a teacher were in the classroom at the time. luckily no one was hurt. however, a witness reportedly said that bullet almost hit a
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students leg. there is no word on what disciplinary action will be taken. the suspect in last weeks mass murder in san francisco is due to make his first court appearance this afternoon. ktvu news was the first to tell you prosecutors are charging binh thai luc with five counts of murder with special circumstances. that would make him eligible for the death penalty if con sixtied. there are several critical questions about the killings including from the suspect acted alone. >> the ability for the suspect to carry out this crime would depend on the dequeens. we are working with the medical examiner to try to figure out the various times of death. >> investigators think the victims knew the killer and let them into their house. there is still no word of a
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motive. today is the third and final day of oral arguments at the supreme court. coming up at 6:15 our washington, d.c. reporter is out in front of the supreme court again this morning. she'll have the inside and outside action. talking about the gold ingate bridge and bikers and pedestrians will have to share the east side sidewalk longer than expected. the repair project out there was originally set to be finished by april 1st. however the bridge district pushed the date back to may. the work is more labor intensive than they first thought and the recent rains are adding to delays. the work is out there improving the pass on the west sidewalk that started back in january. time is 6:09. we want to go back to sal that is covering traffic. you have information on that fire as well? >> we do pam and dave. we have reportedly a victim a
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92-year-old woman reportedly at this house fire. which is not that far from downtown. oakland firefighters are on the scene. the fire itself wasn't huge but there was smoke and water damage at this house. again reportedly an elderly woman has been taken to summit hospital with rather a crew on and we'll let you know more about what is going on there. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. the traffic it will be tough driving. it's wet it's not raining in some areas anymore. this mornings commute on interstate 880 is getting thicker as you drive up to the bay bridge which is a little bit more slow now. let's go to steve. >> thank you. very good morning. cloudy skies. rain increasing here. step out of the way so you can see.
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especially toward marin county and napa county. there is still lines over by the east bay. and the santa clara valley. we are not done yet. this is a far cry from anything we've had. it was a pretty good system. now coming in behind that we have unsettled conditions. ushering in some more rain. some of the rain totals from yesterday were good but not too bad. san rafael had over an inch. napa an inch of rain. fair feel 1.20. concord to livermore about two- thirds to three quarters of an inch. poor mountain view. redwood city 1.24. what is going on out there? ben lomond three everybodies of -- three inches of rain. cazadero over five inches of
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rain. there is ben lomond mark. there were amounts greater than four inches in parts of mendocino county. redwood city 1.25. it's crazy how uniform the tennessees are. fast moving system. very active jet stream races across the pacific. the next is taking more aim toward northern california. mendocino county and north bay will be in store for more rain. this is a projection on the rainfall for wednesday through monday. 8-10 inches of rain will fall. 3-0 in mendocino county. after that for the bay area quarter of an inch and most of this will fall on saturday. mostly cloudy today. rain off and on rain. decreasing later in the afternoon. mainly more for the morning event. 60s on the temps. winter weather advisory goes until 11:00.
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there has been rain mainly toward lake level. partly sunny thursday. clouds start to roll in friday. rain to the north. that rain spreads south on saturday. time now 6:12. a teen analler -- a teenager found dead. what happened why it may take a long time to get answers. a new controversy involving oakland's mayor. what jean quan won't say. >> plus the pope in cuba.
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6:15. fidel castro says he will be meet with pope benedict while the pope is in cuba. he arrived in havana yesterday. this is video of pope benedict and raul castro. he took over four years ago when fidel castro became too ill to run the country. just about 45 minutes from right now pope benedict is about to celebrate mass for now thousands of cubans. the arguments get under way in a little more than an hour. the u.s. supreme court wraps up about the health care reform law. alison. >> reporter: three mornings in a row here and we are seeing a lot of the same faces outside. they want a say in history and
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are again preparing to make their voices heard this morning. the tea party has been a big presence here the last two days. and kara is leading a lot of her chants own cheers. she is optimistic the law will be struck down. this seemed to have serious reservations about whether it was constitutional for the federal government to require all americans to get health insurance. >> i was very pleased to see that the majority of justices were asking questions about the relationship the nature of the relationship between citizens and their government and that to me is the fundamental question. >> reporter: some of the supporters of the law we are talking with say they are concerned the individual mandate could be struck down and what it would mean for the rest of the law. they are also demonstrating today in favor of the law's medicaid expansion and we are hearing some personal stories from people who would benefit. i'll have more on that for you during my next update in about
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an hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c.. it could be several more weeks before we know what caused the death of a 16-year- old boy at the juvenile justice center. the teenagers body was discovered on monday morning inside his cell. according to the contra costa times an autopsy conducted yesterday did not provide any answers. the coroner is now waiting results of toxicology tests. a private funeral will be hell in gilroy for three family members that died in an aimportant murder suicide. the mass for march taegu tore rose will begin at 10:00 this morning. police say abdul gutierrez killed his mother and sister before taking his own life. 6:18. criticism for oakland mayor jean quan for not relieving key information about her crime fighting plan. under this plan police were
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told to focus on the 100 post violent streets in the city of oakland. now city council members and residence want to know exactly where the blocks are. the city released a map showing an outline of the neighborhoods but no specific streets. some people outside the 100 blocks are worried police are being taken away from their neighborhoods. >> we have definitely had to be more wary and watchful in our own neighborhoods. >> can you say anything more about why so much of this plan is being kept secret? >> the only parts of the plan being kept secret is the actual location of it. >> oakland police chief howard jordan says the exact blocks are being kept secret to protect continuing investigations. 6:19. and right now a group of chihuahuas are on their way to vancouver, washington. 82 of the dogs boarded a van about 45 minutes ago.
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they are finding new homes. they are being drib to a shell never washington, state because little dogs like those are in high demand up there. it's similar to a mission in february where homeless dogs were flown to new york out of sfo. back over to sal who has new video of the fire in the oakland. >> that is right. this developing news we have in oakland of this fire this building fire on chestnut street where an elderly woman was reportly a victim here in this house. the fire was quickly knocked to bun by oakland firefighters. you can see they are working on someone. this elderly woman had to be taken to the hospital. she has been taken to summit hospital. you can see the firefighters are doing cpr at that point. this is new video fire is still very much ongoing and we will let you know more about what is going on. the injuries appear more severe at this point than the fire was on chestnut street.
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not that far from downtown oakland. still a developing situation. this is a look at interstate 880 until oakland. traffic on the right hand side is the northbound direction. you can see the traffic continues to move along relatively well. all the way up to downtown oakland. and the morning commute is also looking good on the peninsula. we've had a couple fender benders here. nothing causing major traffic delays. spinouts and that kind of thing because of the wet roads. let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good morning. crazy system last night. wind and rain. pretty decent rain totals. we have rain moving through right now. off and on rain. concord and buchanon says rain. there is plenty of activity that has to swung in. you can see there is plenty here that gives us mostly cloudy forecast. a little bit of sun. not much. shower activity. and then things should decrease
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by 4:00. mostly cloudy. you see lines stretching back from the east bait war the peninsula as well. also san jose. santa clara valley and decent line from napa county back over into marin county. nothing is really it will up. plenty of cloud cover. look at that. racing right in. it will still be a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. 54. just take your pick. i don't think i have ever seen this expect for santa rosa at 52. very rare you see something like that. temperatures will continue to be very mild. these systems are coming in from the west. they are not coming in from the north. mostly cloudy. light rain occasionally scatter showers decreasing this afternoon. 60s for many on the terms today. we will still keep an active pattern going. a little quieter on thursday. we'll bring that rain and wind on saturday. and calm things down on sunday. dave and pam. >> there is another positive
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sign from the u.s. economy. durable good orders jumped 2.2% last month. it is a fourth time in five months that orders have grown. greater demand for aircraft, computers, machinery and cars helped fuel that increase. 6:ty. new information about that -- 6:22. new information about that jet blue pilot that caused a disturbance on that flight. the name of the captain now and explanation for his bizarre behavior. >> if you are driving on southbound 101 marin county that traffic looks pretty good. it's still wet all over the bay year. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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good morning. right now traffic is still a little bit slow in some areas because of the wet weather as you drive around the bay area. 6:26 let's go back to the desk. we have new information this morning regarding the jet blue pilot that suffered a meltdown mid flight. the cell phone i have owe that captured -- the cell phone video that captured the outburst.
6:27 am
investigators say he had some sort of panic attack. he had stormed through the cabin yesterday yelling about bombs and 9/11 and al qaeda. the new york to las vegas flight was diverted to emerald of texas. passengers were rerooted back to las vegas. >> he said something we heard the word like they are going to bomb us. other people heard him say something about iraq and afghanistan. >> now luckily an off duty pilot was a passenger on that flight. he helped safely land the plane. jet blue said the captain encounters a medical situation. they do have to pass a mental and physical exam every year if they are 40 and every six months if they are older than that. ktvu news crew just arrived at an early morning house fire. these are live pictures. you can see all the firefighters out there right now. >> we are following storm
6:28 am
cleanup following yesterday's big rain and we are also keeping an eye on water levels up in marin county. >> plus the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. pam will bring you the early stock numbers.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. some of our neighbor there is visiting the new york stock exchange. vocera communications. celebrating their ipo. they are in more than # hundred hospital -- they are in more than 800 hospitals. they improve communications for hospitals. >> doing the high five. >> yeah they are happy. >> we will smile and good
6:31 am
morning, to you. middle of the week, wednesday, march 28th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. >> there is developing news from the east bay. crews putting out hot spots. tara moriarty is joining us live from the scene. we know one woman has been taken to the hospital. what is going on? >> a very dramatic scene out here. when an elderly woman some fire crews were performing cpr on her. you can see that flairs set up. streets blocked off. it looks like fire crews are beginning to wrap up everything. some people we know not sure if they were friends or family or neighbors stood by very emotional. we are not sure about the condition of that woman. we understand she was take ton the hospital-- was taken to the hospital. we understand flames broke out early this morning. >> found heavy smoke coming
6:32 am
from the building. the interior attack crew found a victim as they were putting out the fire. brought the victim out to the front here. we put medical teams on her and she has been transported by ambulance to summit. >> reporter: we are back here live at the scene where the street is blocked off on -- we are actually on 18th anchusa nut. it's blocked off between 18th and 19th. the cops do have some flairs set up. i did speak to a firefighter very briefly. he said et fire started in the center of the home. we will learn more information about how it started. i'm sure investigators will get here when the sun comes up and get a better idea what exactly caused this fire. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. we are on storm watch this morning. quite a bit of rain overnight and often some of the problems happen north of the golden gate
6:33 am
bridge. that is where christien kafton is in this morning. sometimes they get flooded. how does it look? >> sometimes they do get flooded. this is not one of those times. certainly there is evidence of high water. you can see how much rain we had yesterday. if you take a look there that is the creek. again not anywhere near the flood stage. you can see how fast that water is running. it's very brown. it's kicking up a lot of dirt and there is a lot of movement behind that water. meanwhile parts of the north bay are dealing with the aftermath of the windy storm. at 7:00 a large oak tree came crashing down. briefly trapping three people inside the home. everyone is okay. firefighters had to help get the residence out of that house. neighbors tell us when the tree came crashing down everyone heard it and describe it as sounding like a jet plane. >> we were all asking everybody are they okay? >> reporter: and are the
6:34 am
neighbors okay? >> yeah. it was like a disaster block party. >> reporter: so people certainly trying to make the best of what could be a very unpleasant situation. everybody there again relieved that everyone was all right in that situation. that tree in that situation and fairfax crushed a car. now all that is left is cleanup. we are getting showers out here. we are also hearing of a report of another tree that fell down. no injuries in that case either. photographer chip vaughn and i had is a chance to go up to sonoma county to check in on the commute. highway 121 was closed down for a couple hours because of flooding. by the time we got there that flooding had resolved. 121 is open between highway 16 and highway 12. clearly a lot of developments here in the north bay as this storm as the series of storms move through.
6:35 am
we will continue to follow all the details. we are on storm watch here. we are live christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. >> glad you are able to check on that. steve has been telling us the heavy rain is letting up this morning. the san francisco airport still slowly getting back to normal. these are pictures taken this morning. early this morning when we had our 4:30 newscast. we caught a few travelers catching a few cat naps. some people were stuck at the airport for nearly four hours. everyone heading to sfo you should call your airline ahead of time. don't forget any time of day you can check our channel 2 website for weather, traffic, and flight delays. go to and click on the storm watch tab. 6:35. grief counselors will be at a hayward middle school after a 14-year-old stunted. he was an eighth grader at
6:36 am
caesar chavez middle school. he was playing basketball in a pe class yesterday morning when he hit his head and had a seizure. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. students are being asked to wear the color blue to remember him. a judge will hear arguments on whether to release a report examining uc davis police and the pepper spraying of students. campus police were photographed spraying into the faces of occupy protestors. they are committed to releasing the entire report. however police officers are caming releasing their names and confidential personnel information will violate laws to protect peace officers rights. at least one bay area news may be cheering for a bay area
6:37 am
businessman. to buy the dodgers. they have offered $2 billion a little more than $2 billion for the team as well as dodgers stadium and some of the surrounding land. that deal still has to be approve by federal bankruptcy court. the oakland a's traveled a long way from home far home game. they just finished playing the seattle mariners in tokyo, japan. the two-game series is designed to build up fannage over in asia. i don't want to spoil things for your a's fans so i'm not going to tell you the final score. but we did post a live score board. if you want to see it go to we have been watching the roads auto-- roads all night. we have been watching the road
6:38 am
conditions. >> since we are on the air so early, i get to watch the commute development. so this morning we've had the san mateo bridge for example. we looked at it two hours ago for my very first traffic report. now we are looking at it again. it looks like it's raining now. it has been showers. as steve and i have been telling you. and so you will be driving in some unsettled weather this morning. but steve says this afternoon's commute should be much better than yesterday's commute. moving along and taking a look at interstate 880 north and southbound here. it's not stop and go. when you get to the bay bridge there is about a ten minute wait. and earlier this morning tow trucks removed this van that stranded in a muddy ditch. the driver told us he lost control. tried to -- he overcorrected and went off the roadway. this was on northbound interstate 880. it happened just before 2:00.
6:39 am
the roadway is clear now. 6:3 let's go to steve. thank you. a very good morning. we have some rain moving through. it's more hit and miss than yesterday's system. it's move into the sierra, nevada. it's a very warm system. the snow level is very high. lake level 1-3 inches of wet snow is falling so far. plenty of activity streaming off the pacific. cloudy with rain here in the morning. clouds maybe a little bit of sun still shower activity holding on into noon. we should see a decrease in that rain later on. mostly cloudy conditions. some of that rein from napa county back into marin county. there is a little line from the east bay back to the peninsula. some of the rain totals really good toward fairfield and napa. san rafael had an inch of rain. kentfield had over two mountain view and san jose were also
6:40 am
here at .19 and quarter of an inch. ben lomond had three quarters of an inch. concord two-thirds of an inch. it's still going to be a lot of cloud cover. a lot of moisture in the air. if you do anything outside we are saturated right now. 54 that is the number of the morning here. almost everyone is checking in at 54. weak high pressure builds in to give us a break. the next system will be in here late friday into saturday. light rain in the morning. decreasing throughout the afternoon. the wind will be a little more westerly today than southerly. 60s ons temps. we sitting at 54 degrees. already off to a mild start. a little bit of a break thursday. wind will settle in on everyone for saturday clearing calming down on sunday. 6:40. several inches of new snow look at this at the sierra ski
6:41 am
resort. be careful driving up there. visibility very poor. roads are icy. one truck that one right there spun out. it ended up at an embankment right near soda springs. winter weather advisory is in effect until noontime. we did check with cal tran. you need chains on the 50 and 80 today. >> i got a tweet from north star. they tell me nine inches of fresh know. thank you for that. the fbi accused of spying here in the bay area. the specific religious group it was said to be target targeting. >> a huge search effort continuing later this morning for a missing morgan hill teenager. how investigators are classifying this case. good morning, traffic on northbound 280 looks pretty good getting up to downtown san jose. we'll let you know more about the morning commute and the bay weather. okay, people, let's get started.
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we have developing news right now. those fire crews look at these pictures right here. scene of an early morning house fire. started about an hour ago. near 19th and chestnut streets. we heard of one very serious injury. we'll stay on top of this and bring you an update from the
6:45 am
scene. the suspect in last weeks mass murder in san francisco is due to make his first court appearance this afternoon. prosecutors are charging convicted felon binh thai luc with five counts of murder and special circumstances. >> this morning the san francisco airport slowly getting back to normal. there were a lot of flight delays caused by the storms we had. dozens of flights were canceled at sfo. if you are heading out to sfo this morning, call ahead to check with your airline. the search for missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is intensifying this morning. police believe she was kidnapped. alex. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the search command post just opened its doors.
6:46 am
this is where volunteers will be checking in in about an hour or so. they have ruled out the possibility that sierra lamar ran away after talking with friends and family. the sheriffs office now classifying this as a kidnapping case. in a couple hours volunteers expected to arrive here. so far the turnout has been impressive. the scene yesterday roughly 600 people showed up to look for clues. sierra lamar last seen on march 16th. this volunteer search effort organized by the class kids foundation. sierra's mom said she is amazed by how many people are offering their help. >> every time i turn my head you know i'm just truly grateful that everybody is pulling and coming together and i'm a very humble person. i really love the effort and i just hope that it continues. >> reporter: so far searchers
6:47 am
have located sierra's cell phone in a field and her purse with her clothes folded inside. volunteers have been trained to spot any suspicious items they see and tag them for law enforcement. volunteer searches will be happening every day this week. organizers are expecting to cover a 20-mile radius around sierra's home. anyone that wants to help will be meeting here. folks will be showing upstarting at 8:00 this morning. for now with i are live in morgan hill. the fbi is being accused of spying on several bay area mosques. agents went to what they called friendly community outreach meetings between tower and 2008. but the organize claims the agents were filing secret reports about religious leaders and mosque members. the fbi is now commenting on the claims. federal prosecutors filed
6:48 am
court papers with defrauding 50 people. they claim dirkey used her position as a democratic campaign treasure to embezzle $7 million. similar filings are also an indication o a plea bargain is in the works. the justice department is not commenting on that possibility. 6:47. new details in the shooting death of trayvon martin in florida. they have said for several days there was not enough probably cause to arrest the shooter george zimmerman. the miami hearld is now reporting early in their investigation police asked for an arrest warrant and categorized the case as negligent manslaughter. however the attorneys office wanted to review the shooting before prosecuting. back here at home san francisco's glide memorial church will be hosting a rally in memory of trayvon martin. the reverend williams will lead
6:49 am
that service which begins at 6:00 tonight. we want to go back to sal to check on the commute. sal. >> it has been considering how the wet roads have really been all over the place, it has been okay this morning. we've had some fender benders. not a lot of serious crashes. let's go to some of the live pictures. you can see still a little bit wet from recent showers here in marin county we are looking at san rafael. southbound 101 slows down just after you get into tara linda and head down to interstate 580. also the morning drive is going to be okay at the toll plaza. it is backed up for typical delay. about ten minutes here once you make it on the bridge. it's not quite as windy as it was yesterday. this mornings drive on the peninsula still looks goo on southbound 101. new crash southbound 280 approaching the 92 excite it's on the shoulder. let's go to steve. >> thank you
6:50 am
maybe a break -- mostly cloudy. a lot of moisture continues to roll in off the pacific. there is still areas of rain. show you that in a second. that was a good system. power house system for early spring. that system is marching into the tahoe area. it's a warm system. snow level is up there about lake level 1-3 inches of wet snow there. so get above about 6500 feet that wet snow is stacking up. you can see how moisture takes aim right at us. jet stream is no problem. it's howling over us. flight from hawaii to here you can get here in record time. our observer in middletown 3.97 lake county. there were heavy totals in mendocino county. ukiah was 2.81. kentfield over two inches of rain.
6:51 am
coat-- crockett .93. they should have 32. last year at this time they had 37. san francisco 58% of normal. san jose only 35%. see some rain now focused from the east bay back to parts of the dumbarton bridge. thens look very weak compared to what we had. occasional by bursts of light rain. plenty of cloud cover over here. look for a cloudy day. a lot of 54s on the current temps. with that moisture in place we won't cool off. plenty going on here. most of the energy taking on in extreme northern california. here's the projection on the rainfall through wednesday and monday. look up toward the north coast. 8-10 up there. and after that far lesser amount especially for the bay area as we head to the weekend.
6:52 am
there is another system on tap at least for next wednesday. mostly cloudy. rain in the morning turning to scattered showers and decreasing in the afternoon. 60s an your temps here. temperatures starting off very mild. if we can get a wee bit of sun, it will help us warm up. next rain late friday into saturday. >> thank you, steve. there are reports google plans to launch an online cloud based storage service. sources say the mountain view based company will offer one free gigabyte of service for free. it's called g-drive. checking in on our numbers. vocera communications going public. ipo priced at $16 per share. above the range. live look at the big board. dow jones down a little bit. 6:52. declaring war on pink slime. what the big super market chain will give away today during a
6:53 am
so-called swap meet. it's the biggest prize. the record breaking jackpot on the line for the next drawing. we have live pictures. want to show you what is happening right now during a historic visit to cuba. the pope's visit is coming to an end. he will meet with someone very important today.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
happening right now pope benedict is in havana cuba. i want to take you there live. he is at revolution square to celebrate mass. thousands of people have turned out there. seems cuba is not an overly catholic nation. cuba was officially atheist until the constitution was changed in the 1990s. now before he departs cuba, the pope will meet with former cuban president fidel castro but wanted to take you there live. >> yeah you took us there. back here at home a big super market chain is holding a pink slime swap meet. fresh and easily will allow anyone to swap ground beef that you bought somewhere else for ground beef at their stores. they are promoting the fact they never used the addage pink slime. the critics call that product
6:57 am
an unappetizing example of industrial food production. that additive has been used for years and it meets all of the food safety standards. mega millions players will be competing for a record breaking jackpot in this friday's drawing. it grew to $476 million. almost 50 players did come close. they matched five numbers. each of those tickets worth $250,000. the winning numbers 9, 19, 34, 44, 51, 24, gosh i would have thought if i had five out of the six i would have gotten a couple million at least. >> if and when i win, i still want to work with you and sal. >> that is so nice. >> i need it. [ laughter ] >> we'll talk about that. let's go to the san mateo bridge. rainy weather here. also going to look quickly. not rainy but a little windy
6:58 am
here as you drive in san francisco. contra costa county new crash westbound 4 just past highway 242 let's go to steve. thank you. we have some rain moving through. a little hit and miss there. most of the day you can see right there from napa county and san pablo bay and east bay and saw a touchdown from the san mateo bridge. we'll have more coming up including updated rain. also coming up, developing news from oakland. we have just received tragic news from the scene of an early morning house fire. >> as steve told you we on storm watch. the weather problem is far from over. without spending it. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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